List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Creating Backlinks

List of High DA Blog Commenting Sites for Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are the lifeline of a site. Blog comment submission plays a big part in the ranking of a blog. By submitting a comment to a high domain authority site that includes your sites URL, you are creating a backlink. Blog commenting to a high DA site is a simple strategy for creating a backlink to your site. Google loves quality backlinks. Especially when they come from high DA websites.

List of High Da Blog Commenting Sites for Creating Backlinks

While you are submitting comments, you are also getting to know the people that are writing the article. You are also gaining valuable information from the blog post that you submitted a comment to. Always read the blog post thoroughly, be professional and be detailed with your comments. When other people see this they will want to check your site out also.

So you have the potential of getting thousands of visitors just by people seeing your comment. Not counting the ranking factor that the comment will have as a result of your comment backlink. Be sure to add a comment that has value reliable information and more people will be interested in who you are.

A quality, detailed and valued comment can help grow your network through exposure and this results in targeted traffic back to your site. So not only have you created a high quality backlink to your site, you have also created exposure and the potential for direct traffic to your blog from those who see your comment.

I have included below a list oh high da blog commenting sites for creating backlinks. Keep in mind that when you click on these websites to go to the blog posts. The comment section will be at the bottom of the blog post. Read the blog post and then put a valuable detailed comment about the post. Then there is a section where you put your name and another section for your site address.

List of High Da Blog Commenting Sites for Creating Backlinks

List of High Da Blog Commenting Sites

ThirstyAffiliates Blog

Neil Patel





Elegant Themes Blog

ThirstyAffiliates Blog Blog


Small Business Trends

Family Focus Blog

Yoast SEO Blog






Elegant Themes Blog

Niche Pursuits



Search Engine Land

HubSpot Marketing




Bloggers Passion

Smart Passive Income

Elegant Themes

Niche Pursuits

Fiverr Blog 

Small business trends

Social Media Examiner


Yoast SEO Blog

These are high DA blogging sites. This is just a medium sized list of high da blog commenting sites for backlinks. Each of these blog commenting sites has a high domain authority so when you do comment on one of these blogs it will be considered a high DA backlink. The backlinks from the blog commenting sites listed above will be considered high quality backlinks when Google does their backlinking ranking system. Each of the sites above do have a high DA rating which plays’ a large part when Google does its backlink check during the website ranking process.

The final stage now is to visit the high da blog commenting sites above and visit the blog posts section. Choose a blog post that interest you and read it. At the end of the blog post there will be a box for your comment, a place for your name, email address and your sites URL address. First fill in a valuable detailed comment about the blog post that you just read. Be sure to be descriptive and valuable with your comment.

Lastly, add your name and email address and click submit. Some comments publish instantly while others have to be looked over first and then published. Once your comment has been published to the high DA blog, you will have created a high DA backlink back to your site with the ability to get more traffic from the exposure of the comment. After you finish commenting on one blog, go to the next website and do the same thing. Each time you do this you are creating a high quality domain name back to your site from a high DA website.

Check out this video below to learn even more about high DA blog commenting backlinks

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