list of high DA article submission sites for 2022

List of High DA Article Submission Sites for 2022

High DA article submission sites are the best places online to create backlinks with. The higher the DA (Domain Authority) score, the higher the rank. Everybody knows that proper backlinks are one of the biggest factors in ranking a website or a blog. So the more high DA article submission links you can, the better it is to get your site ranked higher.

Article Submissions and Backlinks

So what is a backlink. A backlink can be created by using different methods. Basically, when another site links to your site it is called a backlink. The higher the DA score of the website that backlinked to you will help get your site ranked higher. Wikipedia defines backlinks as “A backlink given for a given web source is a link from another web source.

Backlinks can also be created by you. As stated in this article, you can create backlinks by writing small articles in the websites below. These websites will give you a resource for your to give your name, your email address and your website link (Your Backlink). Some of these article submission sites will even allow you to add your website link at the bottom of your article, creating a backlink back to your site.

High DA Article Submission Sites

So what is a high DA article submission site of 2022? These high DA article submission sites are new, reliable and updated websites that have a high DA ranking which is good news for you. The higher the DA number is the better. All of the listed high DA article submission sites below have high DA scores.

Now all you have to do is visit all of the high DA article submission sites for 2022. Once you are on each article submission site, follow their directions on how to write your article and where to include your website link. Each site has their own process so be sure to follow the rules of each site. Once you have written your article with your website domain included in the provided area, hit submit. The site will then look over your article and either approve it or disapprove it.

Creating Your Backlink

If your article is approved, you will have just created a high DA backlink to your site. If your article is not approved, follow the directions and fix what is wrong and then re-submit your article. For every approved article you will have created a backlinks your site from a high DA site. This will play a big factor in getting your site ranked higher in the search engines. Here is a list below of some of the best high DA article submission sites.

High DA Article Submission Sites for 2022

1- Medium

2- Brighthub

3- Hubpages

4- MyArticle

5- Ezines Articles

6- ProLinkDirectory

7- Quora

8- iSnare


10- GoArticles

11- Academia

12- Amazines

13- Articlebiz

14- Ehow

15- Storify

16- Wattpad

17- MyArticle

18- ArticleBase

19- Infobarrel

20- BoredPanda

21- Examiner

22- ArticleDashboard

23- Buzzle

24- TheFreeLibrary

25- Articleseen

26- WebProNews

27- ArticleAlley

28- StreetArticles

29- A1articles

30- OpenArticles

31- ProLinkDirectory

32- SelfGrowth

33- ArticleSnatch

34- MyArticles

35- LiveJournal

36- BuzzFeed

37- LinkedinArticles

38- ArticlesFactory

39- Apsense

40- WebProNews

41- WebWire

42- Squidoo

43- WebmasterLibrary

44- BloggersRoad

45- LoudPages

46- ArticleBase

47- ArticleBlast

48- ArticleBase



51- Gather

52- SeekingAlpha

53- SooperArticles

54- Article-buzz

55- OpenArticles

56- Technorati

As you can see I have covered a large list of high DA article submission sites for 2022. The list above are some of the more easier ones to submit articles with your site name to. The key is to try and submit a article to as many of these article submission sites as possible.

Once again, visit as many of these sites as you can and follow the sites directions for submitting an article along with your name and your website link. Once you submit an article with your website domain move on to the next article submission site.

If you Create backlinks to the sites above and use the other backlink methods you will increase your chances of getting a high search engine ranking. That is if the quality of your site is optimized first. Always make sure that your site is of good quality along with good keyword and SEO optimization before starting your backlink process.

Check out this article below. How to Get More Backlinks by Submitting to Article Submission Sites and the Importance of Doing So


This is a very important step in the backlink process but it is not the only step. After you have submitted articles to the above sites for backlinks, check out other backlink building methods such as blog commenting and broken link building. There are many factors that go into Googles backlink process but the article submission method is one of them. So after you have submitted your articles to the sites above for backlinks, look into the next backlink methods to do next.

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