List of Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

List of Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

List of Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog

There are many methods for getting free traffic to your blog but not all of them will benefit your site. There are some main free ways to get free traffic to your blog. If you are like most businesses, you want high traffic to your site so you can sell more, increase revenue, and grow your business. And, one of the top ways to increase site traffic is better your chances of being discovered through internet. Follow along below for the list of free ways to get traffic to your blog.

What is Web Traffic

Site traffic refers to the users who visit your site. Site traffic measures business effectiveness and how well the pages get an audience.

Seeing how many people go in and out daily basis determines how famous and visible the site is online.

You can also view how long users stay, who purchases your product, and how much it costs to bring in more visitors to your site. Traffic refers to all pages of your site, not only the homepage.

How to Increase Web Traffic

Here are some of the ways to increase traffic for free below. Free traffic can come in many forms but not all of the traffic resources are equal. The traffic sources below are a some of the best methods for getting free traffic to your blog.

Share Your Blog on Quora

People are forever looking for solutions to their issues. So the Quora is the top platform to find people who have issues and solve them with our content. There are all users are looking for the top solutions to their questions, in that case, you can make a detailed article and provide the link to them so then they will come to your blog and read the solution. This will help you get direct traffic.

Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

Guest posting helps you raise the traffic to your blog and helps spread your contents message. It gets you quick exposure to the targeted visitor. If your post is of top standard, the traffic will begin flowing towards your website quickly.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the key components of SEO. A backlink refers to a link that you get from other sites to your site or blog. In this way, you can double your organic traffic to your blog or site by building more and more backlinks. But the only issue is it is hard to build standard backlinks soon.

Promote Blog With Social Media

In the twenty century, social media plays an important role in promoting your site. Share new blogs on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You will make more networks while sharing your great content. Social media works as one of the best traffic sources.  Add share buttons on your blog to other social media platforms. Linking to your Instagram, twitter, and Facebook accounts helps readers spread the word.

Promote Blog With Forums

Promoting your blogs in forums is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your blog. All you need to do is search for forums that are in your niche. Example: If your site is about making money online, then you search “make money online forums”. When you find a forum, join and sign in. You can generally put your blog link in your profile. You can also attach your blog link with your comments, questions or answers on the forum. Not only will you get direct traffic but you will also create a backlink as well.


The free traffic sources listed above are just a few of the best traffic methods for getting free traffic to your blog. There are also many other free traffic resources online that you can use. Just do a search for “Free Traffic Resources”.

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