how to use quora to drive traffic to your blog

How to Use Quora to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Quora is a great resource to use to drive traffic to your blog. Quora is a question and answer site that is high on the targeted traffic scale. By using Quora the right way you will get targeted traffic to your blog.

Joining Quora to Drive Free Traffic to Your Blog

If Quora is used right, you can get a lot of traffic to your blog as well as create backlinks. It works by answering questions and putting your blog link at the bottom of your answer. Here is a more detailed write up below on how to use Quora to drive traffic to your blog.

Most people already know that Quora is one of the top rated ways to drive free targeted direct traffic to your site. Not only that but by submitting a link on Quora you are also creating a top level domain backlink back to your site.

I have been using Quora for years for different blogs and each time it creates a free targeted traffic source and a backlink back to my site. As long as you do it right and follow the guidelines, you can have a lot of free targeted traffic success by using Quora. When you register, you will need to select at least 10 topics.

To make it easy for you to find relevant questions and answers, make sure you choose something that suits your niche. Once you have created your profile, make a list of the blogs you want to promote and learn how to find questions. Make sure that your blog or site is ready to go with quality content before using Quora.

Setting Up Questions and Answers in Quora

Once your site is ready to be promoted and advertised then Quora can bring you a lot of real targeted traffic from real people. You need to sort the best questions to pay maximum attention to your answers. Answering questions is time-consuming and I am sure you do not want to do that. There must be a reason why you give priority to answering good questions Once you start answering a few questions on Quora in your niche, people will start asking you questions they want answered. You will see the same section of “Questions & Answers” in the sidebar.

If you give a few answers and are active for a while, you will get requests direct from people to answer their questions. The key is to find questions and answers that are related to your site niche. This way when your do give an answer with your blog link, more people are gonna visit it. The more niche related questions that you can answer and include your site link, the more targeted direct free traffic you will have flowing to your blog.

Also, Find a lead-generating question and read as many answers as possible that are relevant to the topic and your business. Choose an article with multiple examples and strategies to give Quora users a reason to click on the link you provide in your article or response. A link to a blog post with your answer brings traffic directly to your website and proves that your site is worthy of visiting and a thought leader in your niche.

Check Out This Video Below About How to Get Free Traffic From Quora

Following People on Quora

Follow people you are interested in, vote for their answers and leave comments. Share content on Quora to create valuable information that other users want to follow. To find people connected to Quora, look for the best answers and followers in a particular order.

To help you figure that out, Quora makes it easy for people to find you when they’re looking for Quora users to answer their questions. Follow the people and topics that matter to Quora, provided you search your Quora feed for the same questions and answers you follow. Follow topics on Quora and you will be notified if there are questions and answers about this topic in your feed.

If you want to get more people to answer the questions you’re searching for on Quora, you can share them on Facebook or Twitter and ask for them to answer them for you. Once you’re done, you are allowed to ask a question you like and most of the time you get answers from other users. If you believe you have answered a new question that has not been answered by the respondents, or would like to give your opinion on a previously searched question, click here to submit an answer.

Looking for Questions and Answers

Scroll through the list of questions until you find one that makes you feel comfortable. If you have a subject in mind that has not been addressed on other blogs or is one of the most frequently asked questions on Quora, you can talk to someone who has the kind of question you want to answer on your blog. The most popular questions that appear in your feed may not be related to your topic, but answering these questions gives you a great chance to improve your profile views and upvotes.

The beauty of Quora is that there are a lot of interesting categories for people to ask and answer questions, and no matter what kind of business you do, you can use it to increase your website traffic. It is not only a question & answer page, but also works with a lot of content across industries. As the weekly views of Quora’s questions show, if asked early enough, a question takes off and is one of the first answers in a trending thread. There are literally thousands of questions waiting to be answered by you.

Use Quora’s powerful search tools to generate your most important keyword-rich topics related to Quora’s popular questions to get your better and more engaging content for your blog. If you select the most popular keyword-rich topics on Quora and create your content with related keywords and synonyms with Google’s Keywords Planner, you will cover good traffic through organic search. This will allow you to find the best questions for your answers.

Once you find questions that are related to your blog niche, the next step will be to give a very informative and descriptive answer to the question. Make sure that you are providing a real solution to their question. Make your answer the solution to what they are looking for. Then you can say “For More Information” visit (Your Blog Link). You can include your blog link as part of your answer or include it at the bottom of the answer. Thousands upon thousands of people on Quora click on these links to look more for an answer so make sure your blog or content adds to what the person is looking for in their question.

Linking Your Blog to Quora Questions and Answers

To maximize the value of Quora to your business, you need to link other content on your site and other platforms to your responses. When you answer such questions about Quora topics, the questions appear in the Google results and you get better links by linking to your own posts and answers on the site. Quora is without a doubt one of the best ways to generate free targeted traffic in the beginning that eventually turns into free passive targeted traffic the bigger you get. So if you are looking for a top free source of getting free targeted traffic then join Quora today and start driving traffic to your site almost immediately. So basically you can attach any content to your answers but if you are looking for direct traffic from Quora then you can just include your blog URL at the bottom of your questions.

Using Quora to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Basically, you can put your blog link in your profile and add your blog link or link to other blog pages to answers that you give to questions. Therefore find all related questions and answers to your blog or blog posts. The bottom line is that when you answer a question, be sure to give a descriptive, informative answer and then add your blog link at the bottom. This is where your direct traffic will come from. The better your answer is, the more traffic you will get from your link that is posted below your answer.

Knowing how to write high-quality Quora answers is important, because if you spend thirty minutes searching for high-quality questions, you’ll never get traction. If you answer 1,000 questions on Quora and generate nothing, all your hard work is wasted. Find the right questions is one of the new skills you will need to refine if you want to learn how to effectively use Quora. The bottom line is that the bigger you can build your Quora profile and the more related niche answers you can give with your link, the more free traffic you can get even when your not on there.

Lastly, the more research you do on Quora to help you find the most questions that are related to your blog niche, the more questions you will be able to answer. The more questions that you answers with your blog link attached to the bottom of your answers, the more direct, targeted traffic you will get straight to your blog. Quora really is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. The best part is that the traffic you get from Quora to your blog is real, direct and targeted traffic. The best kind.

Final Thought on Using Quora to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You really can use Quora to drive traffic to your blog and receive targeted traffic. Google looks highly on Quora. This why their are one of the best resources for getting backlinks and getting direct traffic to your blog and other links. The bottom line to all of this is after you have created your Quora account. You can go in and set up your account to determine which type of questions you want to see. You can also search for the different types of questions that you want to see. Look for questions that have only a few answers to start with. Then provide informative descriptive answers with your blog link or at the bottom. You can also look for questions that have a bunch of answers. They key here is to answer those questions with a more informative, descriptive answer with your link in the answer. The fact is that you can get a lot of traffic from small answered questions to le questions with a lot of answers. Its all about how informative and descriptive your answers are. You are gonna get traffic in either case.

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