How to Use Pinterest to Get Traffic to Your Blog and Links

How to Use Pinterest to Get Traffic to Your Blog and Links

A good image will identify your blog posts and content for Pinterest users. Make the title of your Pinterest blogboard equal to the title of your blog page. If you have an Etsy store and blog about craft and DIY projects for example, the name of the Pinterest board should match the name of your website blog, such as Crafts & DIY Projects Blog or My Etsy Blog. Pinterest is one of the best ways to get traffic to your blog and Links by using simple pins and groups.

Naming your Pinterest blogboard with keywords makes it more likely to appear in search engines. Once your post has been published, you can use the pin button or social share button to post a pin to the relevant Pinterest forum and hover over the pin image itself. You will be the first person to attach your blog post to Pinterest and add it to a forum on your Pinterest account.

You can find all the pins stored on your account in your home feed by using the search function. You need your Pins from your Pinterest account to grow your Pinterest blogger. Your Pinterest account will end up a mixture of your pins, your website and other peoples.

If you are an established blogger with many blog posts, I would recommend creating 2-4 pins for each of your 10 most visited blog posts and the 10 most frequently published posts. Pinterest displays a list of pins that contain your search terms and pin descriptions. You can get a lot of traffic to your blog just by applying this Pinterest strategy. The more quality pins you make the more quality traffic you can get to your blog and links.

You need to post relevant pins to attract your core audience. Pinterest attaches great importance to ensuring that people follow and care about more than just certain users on a board. Once you start providing relevant pins, Pinterest will show your pins and pick you up from users “home feeds, reaching millions.

To find groups and forums to join on Pinterest, you can use a website like PingGroup.ie. Groups are popular because they have a ton of followers on the site, and group boards are a great way to get more visitors to your blog and links and to get more followers on Pinterest. The more groups and pins, the more traffic you can get to your blog and links.

Group boards are like normal boards, but they allow board members to invite other employees to join them, so they’re a fantastic way to get more traffic to Pinterest. Join a group because it will help you get your pins seen by a lot of people if you are new to Pinterest.

How to Use Pinterest to Get Traffic to Your Blog and Links

You can create boards for topics such as hair, fashion, recipes, blogging, etc. Once you create a board you can attach ideas, products and content that you like and want to save. You can also use a blog forum to highlight posts that don’t fit into other categories, create summaries, and pin posts worth a week. Each pin that is properly created equals traffic.

Our Pinterest Blogger and Niche Site Owner Guide explains how Pinterest works and explains how to set up your Pinterest account, create simple and attractive pins and the latest Pinterest strategies to increase traffic to your blog and links. Using Pinterest for blogging, you can promote posts, products and offers to get traffic to your blog and links and gain followers at the same time. Pinterest provides a guide to help you start pinning analysis and optimize your boards.

Pinterest has a handy widget builder that lets you create widgets that can be added to your site so that website visitors and traffic can see your board, follow your account and pin images from your blog to their Pinterest page. You can see them on various blogs, but they are essentially buttons with a Pinterest logo that allow users to attach blog posts to the website.

If you pin every day on your blog on Pinterest, you can plan your pins with tailwind. This means you can try different pin titles to see which is more visitors and clicks to your website. If you don’t want to pin the same pin again and again because Pinterest marks you as spam. So you can mix images, have different descriptions and titles and create multiple pins with the same link to avoid repeating.

whenever you create good pins and join active groups you are creating a way to get traffic to your blog and links from the pins. The people in your groups will also be a part of that traffic if UT interests them. Good pins with good keywords equal good traffic.

If you have a brand new blog post or brand new pins, the best thing to show Pinterest your pins is to attach them to relevant boards. This means you need to do a bit of research on Pinterest to find out where people pin articles from your blog posting topic. You’ll get better results by tying your blog posts to topics that have an audience on Pinterest.

In return, you can select an image and set the default description to pin your post to your blog. The pin description appears every time someone pins your post. By putting extra effort into creating a pinned image and description for each post, you can influence what visitors share on Pinterest, enabling you to optimize images and keywords.Keep in mind that a properly created pin acts as a backlink and the pin will also send traffic back to your blogs and links.

Pins should have 1 or 2 sentences in your postal description, a quote from the blog that makes it stand out, a featured image and a link to your website or your Pinterest company if you have any.

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