how to rank your youtube video fast

How to Rank Your YouTube Video Fast

If you want to export search results on YouTube through SEO, you are in the right place!  In this article, we will not only share with you how to rank your YouTube video fast but I will also show you the ways in order get results on YouTube.

I will help you to rank your YouTube video fast and higher in the search results. Get your desired search results in YouTube and Google alike with your videos.

we will also share some secrets with you that help you get targeted views that also help with ranking your YouTube video fast .

Ranking your YouTube video fast is not hard if you know what you are doing.

Finding Keyword Titles for Your Video

The first line of defense in getting your YouTube video ranked fast is by choosing the right title. Start by looking for long tail keywords that have a low competition rate and a medium to high traffic rate. You can use any keyword tool to find this information. If a keyword is to popular, you will never get your video ranked.

But if you find a keyword (Preferably Long Keywords) with a low competition rate and a medium to high traffic rate then you are more likely to get that keyword ranked for your video. The bottom line is look for keywords that are related to your video that have low competition. Then use these keywords as the title of your video. Google Ad Planner has a good keyword tool to do this with. There are also many others that allow you to find the competition rate and monthly search rate also. Simply do a search for keyword research tools.

Video File Naming

This is one of the most important steps in getting your video to rank on Youtube fast and it starts before the upload process.

Once you have your video made you must name the video file name the title of your video. Example- If the title of your video is how to rank your video fast then that should also be the name of your video.

If you are using a desktop just right click on the video file and rename the video file the title that you are going to use.

If your using a cell phone, pull up the video file and click on the 3 dots at the top and click on rename. Do the same thing.

The video file should look like this when your done- or mp3 or mp4. This step is extremely important.

SEO and Keywords to Rank Your YouTube Video Fast

YouTube SEO is optimizing your videos for YouTube so that they appear in the search results of YouTube. This is the first main step in getting your YouTube video ranked fast. Proper SEO starts with proper keyword optimization within the description.

This depends on the factors that your videos must have in order for them to rank well in the search engines. The facts that we do know is that a properly keyword optimized video with a named video file and a proper video keyword title do increase the rank of your video. Do not forget one of the most important aspects- finding keywords with low competition that also have a medium to high monthly search rate is one of the biggest methods for finding top rated keyword titles that rank.

What are the steps that you have followed to rank your Youtube video on the first page?

  • Internal improvements.
  • YouTube Keyword Research.
  • Create videos that make your visitor stay longer.
  • Promote your video.
  • Increase the percentage of “CTR” to the maximum degree.

These are some of the main aspects of getting your video ranked fast. Combining the above steps with proper keyword title optimization will play a big part in the ranking process.

Internal Improvements for Ranking Your YouTube Video Fast

Yes, just as the SEO needs internal improvements, “On-page SEO”, even your YouTube channel and other videos needs internal improvements. This is basically making sure that your videos are properly optimized from the video file all the way to the keyword tags. You can do the channel optimization after you finished getting your video ranked fast.

An important point: the internal improvements to your YouTube videos and channel are not just for SEO YouTube, but its also for the Google search engine.

Another important step in how to rank your YouTube video fast is the keyword research that you do for your video. The first thing we do in the field of SEO is always (Keyword Research) or search for search rate. As I discussed earlier, make sure your video description is properly optimized and locate the proper keywords by using the method that I showed you on how to use a keyword tool to find low competition keywords that have a medium to high monthly search rate. This is extremely important in helping you get your YouTube videos ranked fast.

Create Videos That Make Your Visitors Stay Longer

If you want to rank your videos fast then you have to create user friendly videos. Until now, you have all the information you need to be able to produce search results …etc.

But not everyone will top the search engines in YouTube, as Google does not want its engine to be the preserve of SEO owners only, so it has added a new update that seeks to provide better content for YouTube visitors.

After this update, many terms appeared in the field of YouTube’s SEO, the most important of which is Audience Retention and watch time so yes longer videos help if they are interesting..

 What we mean by “audience retention” is your visitor retention rate while they view your videos.

In summary, if the visitor exits your video as soon as they enter it, all the strategies I have explained to you so far will not help you with anything!

So we always say that the content is the king, but all the SEO strategies we explained are just a boost that helps the king (the content you provide).

The visitor’s stay time is now factor # 1 in order to climb you up on search results.

Video Description

Your video description is important in the matter that your title keywords ,variation keywords and keyword tags should be optimized in the description.

As long as you have a brief description that includes your title keywords, keyword variations and keyword tags in it then you will be fine.

Just make sure to give a descriptive description that has the before mentioned keywords and that it is keyword optimized the right way.

Don’t keyword stuff. The main thing is that the keywords are in your description multiple times along with the keyword variations and keyword tags.

You can also include other videos and hashtags as well as a link to your channel.

Video Thumbnail

Yes your YouTube video thumbnail plays another critical step in how to rank your YouTube fast.

Its actually the second most important factor in ranking your YouTube videos fast and higher in the search results.

There are a couple of main factors when dealing with your thumbnail. Here they are below.

Name the Thumbnail the Title of Your Video

Yes the same thing that applied when naming your video also applies to your thumbnail so make sure that you rename your thumbnail image with the title of your video. Trust me this is very very important.

Use High Definition Thumbnail Photo

Yes this is also critical in how you rank your Youtube Video fast.

You can use whatever photo app you want but I use Fiverr and pay only $5 bucks to have some of the best HD thumbnail photos ever. Fiverr has a lot of people that will make you high definition thumbnails for your YouTube videos and this will also get your video ranked fast.

But keep in mind that this step is also critical if you want to rank your Youtube video fast.

All of these steps combines so far will rank your YouTube video fast and at the top of the YouTube search results.

Promote Your Video

You should know that the SEO for YouTube is almost the same as for the SEO of Google, but The only difference I consider is the duration of the effect.

If you follow the above steps you can rank your YouTube fast on YouTube but promoting your YouTube video helps your video keep a top ranking and brings in direct traffic.

I always use Reddit, Quora, Facebook Groups and Pinterest to build backlinks and to drive targeted traffic straight to my videos.

There are other places but I have the best results ranking wise and traffic wise with the websites above.

And why not do ads for your video? Yes YouTube Ads are cheap and they will rank at the top of Google each time.

After a few ad runs, if your video is properly optimized, YouTube will go ahead and rank your video at the top of the YouTube search results.

Tips 1- Rank Your YouTube Video Fast

always try to ask your followers to post a comment, like, share and subscribe to the channel because that sends YouTube signals that the video is very important and it should be placed at the top of the arrangement.

In order to get visitors to post a comment, the best way I’ve found is to ask a question at the end of the video.

Don’t be satisfied with the results, SEO’s work never ends, considering that all web networks are constantly changing and modifying their evaluation criteria, so the content that tops search results and rankings today may lose this importance tomorrow. This also applies to SEO techniques for YouTube.

Therefore, you should monitor the performance of your channels to identify opportunities that improve the business and be prepared to receive feedback from your audience.

Of course, it all starts with high-quality content, because it doesn’t help to drive traffic to your channel if people there aren’t finding anything important and interesting to them.

Whenever you have good content on hand, the next steps get easier! Spend the necessary time during pre-production and recording because over time you can gain an edge by creating fully optimized videos that will get ranked at the top of YouTube.

Tips 2- Rank Your YouTube Video Fast

The more you can do in the first 24 hours will also play a huge part in getting your YouTube video ranked fast. In other words, once you have come up with the perfect title and named your video file. Keyword optimize your video description according to the title. Once you have finished with your video. Upload the video and start promoting immediately. Promote in all the places that we discussed. Promotion of your YouTube video in the first 24 hours will play a large role in increasing the rank of the video. I really hope that this post helps you out.

Also you can check out this video by Brian Dean below about how to rank your YouTube video fast.

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