how to rank a video at the top of the search results

How to Rank a YouTube Video at the Top of the Search Results

While seeing the most popular YouTube videos, it is easy to attribute their success to many subscribers. However, this is not always the case. Every YouTube video began with a total of 0. The answer to dominating YouTube with viral videos is YouTube optimization. Here are several steps to help you rank among the top videos on YouTube. The key steps start before you upload your video to YouTube.

Video File

Make sure to name your video file with the same name that you are going to name the title of your video. All of this happens before the actual upload process. YouTube puts a lot of thought into the name of your video file when ranking your YouTube video. You can also use a free YouTube tool here to find a title for your video. Once you find a title for your video, make sure to name your video file with the same exact name.

Video Description

Your YouTube video description should be a minimum of 200 words. YouTube also puts a lot of emphasis on how many words that you use in your description. Also use your main title keywords throughout your description. This lets YouTube know exactly what your video is about and it will enable them to rank your video higher. Also include chapters where you can. Includde hashtags that are related to your video.


Yes keyword tags still make a difference when ranking your video. The key to success is to find longtail keywords that have a low to medium competition rate and a medium to high search rate each month. When you use a longtail keyword that has a low competition rate and a medium to high search rate, you are increasing the chances that your video will be found within the search rankings. Which will then in return rank your video higher on YouTube.


Before concluding whether or not to click on your video, a visitor only sees two things: the video title and a thumbnail of the video. And, because visual information is processed 60,000 times quicker than words, that thumbnail is critical! YouTube can automatically generate a thumbnail for you, but it will be a random clip from the video that you will not recognize. You must utilize a distinctive, attention-grabbing image to attract visitors to click on your link to stand out.


Ask people to engage with your content. You may have been wondering why many YouTubers ask their fans to subscribe and follow; it’s because engagement has a positive impact on your SEO! When someone likes, comments, or subscribes to your video, it sends a strong signal to YouTube that this viewer appreciated the material enough to connect with it, and YouTube will begin displaying them more of your videos in the future.


It’s all well and well to build a lengthy video with keywords strategically placed throughout. Still, if you can’t convince viewers to stick around and watch your movie, you’ll be sending a very negative message to YouTube. Viewer retention is highly crucial for YouTube SEO since it increases the amount of time people spend watching. To keep people viewing your films, you must make sure that they are as aesthetically appealing and amusing as possible. 


You may optimize your video in various ways to aid in the improvement of your YouTube rating. One of the most straightforward techniques of accomplishing this is to incorporate the keyword in your title. Your title must be attractive and catchy. Additionally, in addition to optimizing your title, you should also optimize your description. The use of a unique, optimized description enables YouTube to comprehend your video’s subject matter better and place it in front of the most appropriate audience.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Optimization will get your videos to the right people, but you also need to put in the work. Making informational videos is good and well, but you need to keep people coming back for more. Have giveaways on your videos and partner with other YouTubers to ensure that you grow your channel. You are not making videos for yourself, so read the comments and follow your followers’ suggestions. 

Promote Videos on Pinterest

Yes Pinterest is one of the best places to submit your video to. This creates a high end backlink as well as direct traffic. Go to google and find a free picture that you can use that is related to your video. Go to your Pinterest account and create a board or a pin. Upload that picture and then put the link to your video with the picture. Click save. Do this with all of your videos.

Promote Videos on Quora

Quora is the largest Q and A site on the internet. Open up an account. Search for questions that are related to your video topic. Then give descriptive answers to those questions and include the link at the bottom of your answer. This to creates a high quality backlink and direct traffic back to your video.

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