How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

In this guide were gonna talk about how to create backlinks that will help rank your blog and website. Creating proper backlinks is one of the most important steps in getting a blog ranked higher on Google and the other search engines. There are only so many ways to create backlinks the right way. If the backlink strategy is done right, then you will find yourself at the top of the search engines. There are factors that go into creating backlinks that must be adhered to. Google looks at each of these backlink strategies in determining where to rank your site. Obviously it starts with a quality blog that has been properly keyword and SEO optimized before you can even think about backlinks. Keep reading more below to learn how to create backlinks that help rank your blog or website.

How To Build Backlinks The Right Way

So you want to learn about how to create backlinks that help rank your blog and website. Well, lets get started. By now everyone should know that proper backlink methods are required in the ranking process. Proper backlinking is one of the most important aspects of creating backlinks to help rank your blog and website and for getting your site ranked at the top of Google. Backlinks can be so hard that people just give up and go with a more traditional way of getting traffic. Write down the name Neil Patel. Neil is a guru at getting his sites ranked and so can you if you also follow his template for how he writes his blog posts. I will show you some of the best ways to properly backlink to get more traffic to your site.

This article contains general information about backlinks but it gives you a good understanding about what backlinks are and how to create the right ones. Getting links to your site can be difficult, but you don’t have to buy backlinks, as many content creators do. The right backlinks can boost your SEO strategy, and there are many ways to earn great links. If you have content that meets the same requirements as a discontinued website, you can access the pages that contain backlinks to them and tell them that the link is no longer working and that the page has been removed. 

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

Creating a Quality Site for Backlinks

This post shows you different ways to get more backlinks like a link building pro. Setting backlinks right is crucial for a great link-building strategy, because every site wants good links. To get high-quality backlinks, you need high-quality content that people want to link to.

The first steps that I would do is the keyword research for your keyword title, keyword tag and overall search engine optimization. I’m gonna give you a secret. Use a keyword research tool on the internet or look on line for list that say “lists of low competition high traffic keywords”. Use this exact statement in your search or the keyword tool. Then choose a title keyword that has a low competition rate with a high traffic rate. Then use that keyword as your title and build your site around that keyword. This alone will help you rank your blog higher.

Rule number one is to create a top quality site with very good content. After you have created a high quality blog, the next step would be to look for domains and sites that rank higher in the search engine for the same keywords that you are using. A top quality site is the beginning of ranking your site.

The key to well written on a blog post is to make sure that you have quality content that actually helps people when they read it. Next, make sure that the content is properly keyword and SEO optimized. If you don’t know how to do this, there are plugins for WordPress that will help. There are also free keyword and SEO guides, websites and blog posts online. It is imperative that the content be quality, keyword optimized and SEO optimized.

Ask to Link to a Site

Then you literally just ask if you can link to the content on their site and ask if they can do the same for you. The asking method really does work as long as you have created a quality site. They are not gonna let you link to them or vice versa if your content is bad. Understand.

While it is challenging to acquire high quality backlinks, you can find ways to build connections by using the right resources and methods. It is good to have more high quality back links than just those that are natural to you, and content that is worth linking to.

Other ways to obtain high-quality backlinks include using techniques such as HARO, guest posts, link-building and infographics. The ultimate goal here is to have high authority backlinks going from your site and leading away from your site. You can also create top quality backlinks by submitting your site to directories, DOC sharing sites and even places like and and and yes these do work and these types of backlinks will help rank your site higher.

Once your blog is optimized with quality content and ready for backlinks, HARO is one of the top places to create a backlink with. They have a very high domain authority and they can bring good exposure and traffic to your blog as well as a top rated backlink. Quora, Pinterest, YouTube, article submission sites, broken link building, the ask strategy and article commenting sites are just some of the best strategies for creating high quality backlinks to your site that will help your blog or website get ranked.

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

Backlink Tactics

The next step in the process of constructing high quality backlinks is to see which websites link to this post. Backlinks can be found on resource pages, bloggers, and links to third-party websites. Compared to other link building tactics, backlink listings are effective and easy to find directories to which you can send your information. Keep in mind that creating backlinks comes down to one main aspect. That aspect is to create backlinks from your site to other higher domain authority sites within your niche. You can easily ask. The next step would be to have an agency or a backlink website that will offer to create you guaranteed backlinks that will rank your site higher.

Guest Blogging Back Link Strategy

A good guest blogging strategy can help you generate tons of backlinks and increase website traffic. A strong social strategy can also increase traffic to your content and increase visibility of your brand – which is great for both brand and link-building – content – and the more people see it the more likely other websites are to link to it in the future. Evergreen content can build links and add value over time, so it is beneficial to post time-sensitive content on your website to create high-quality backlinks. There are many websites that will let you guest blog on them. If you do a search for sites that offer guest posts or give your niche topic first and then guest blog “make money online” guest blog or search for “websites that guest post” or a “list of websites that guest post”. Keep in mind that guest blogging is a great source for creating high quality backlinks and will rank your blog higher. All you have to do is sign up, follow the instructions, create a guest blog with your site URL in or at the bottom of the article.

Profile Backlinks for Your Blog and Website

There are many different ways to earn and build high-quality backlinks for your website, so choose a linking tactic that suits your business goals and available resources. A great backlink profile and links to countless trusted websites will lead a website to higher search engine results pages, as search engines use backlink profiles to determine the legitimacy of a website or page. You ca actually create blog and article sites and include your site URL in your profile. The same works for forum profiles.

Also, Follow links to other reputable websites such as newspapers, trade journals, experts in your field and other local, industry-specific websites and avoid creating backlinks from inferior, spammy or irrelevant websites. The most important factor in creating backlinks is to make sure that you are backlinking from a site that has a high authority and secondly create backlinks to sites that rank higher than your site does. The key here is to look for a high domain authority site that will let you sign up and put your name and your site URL in your profile link. A simple google search will return a lot on these.

These sites are called “Profile Link Building” sites. Do a search for as many as you can. Make sure they have a high domain authority. You can find a domain authority checker tool online to use for this. Then weed out the high DA sites from the low ones and start creating profile links with the high DA sites.

You can ask for backlinks to authority sites that are ranked higher than you and most will say yes as long as your content is unique. Keep in mind that while you are building your blog backlinks through social media, Quora, YouTube and more, the top backlinks are the ones you ask for. Trust me it does work. The key then is to have backlinks coming and going from high authority sites plus backlinks going and coming from the social media and directory sources. 

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

Linking From High Authority Domains

The best links to your site are those that come from real sites with good content and lots of sharing on social media. I know that sounds crazy, but links to other relevant sites instead of your own content are a great way to create links. Link from other websites is the best way to get backlinks and differs from the other link building techniques listed above in that you get links by referring to others in your industry.

Keep in mind that there are lists all over the internet that have the high DA sites such as broken link methods, high DA websites, high DA article submission sites, high Da Directories, high Da blog commenting sites, high link submission sites, high DA classified ad sites. For the high DA websites it is best to contact them about trading backlinks with them. All they can say is no but there will be some that say yes. If you find any broken links on their pages, contact them about it and they will generally let you put your site link where the broken link was.

As far as the other link building strategies listed above, you literally go to the directories, article submission sites, link submission sites and blog commenting submission sites and follow the directions for creating a quality backlink. On the blog commenting submission sites, you visit the blog section of the website.

Site Quality and Backlinks

Read an article and then put a detailed comment in the comment section. Most of these blog commenting sites will have a separate box for your site URL. Comment on as many blog posts as you can and insert your site URL in the proper place. Some sites will let you put your site URL directly in with the blog post. Lastly, always leave a descriptive comment about the post you are commenting on. Blog commenting is one of the best and easiest ways to create a backlink to your blog and get direct traffic.

So yes these steps will definitely wok on your site and your sites content. Don’t get in a hurry. Take your time with your site and your sites content. Patience is the key here because once you get one of those top rated authority backlinks, it will increase your site rank like nothing else. The ultimate key here is many high authority domains pointing from your site and to your site. Remember that you want to have a high quality site. Your site quality is just important as the backlinks. So focus on the quality of your blog posts or sites and leave the backlinks alone until you have a high quality site.

We have not talked about all the links you can put on your own website because they are so important and underused. Instead, let’s focus on how we build backlinks that other people can use to draw attention to your website, blog, article, or social media page. Don’t fall for most of the backlink creation tools and programs. They will just wind up hurting your site. There are some goad backlink sources on here and I will talk about those later.

But like I said the key for now is to create the backlinks that you can through the directories, submission sites, forum posting, blog comments, broken link building, profile creation, infographic creation, guest blogging, social media resources, DOC sharing sites and more. Once you are happy, then start reaching out to the higher domain authority sites that outrank you and start backlinks with them. Remember ask! Asking for backlinks from a high domain authority is a win win because not only do you link to their site but they also link to your site. Creating a high domain authority backlink on your site. It all starts with asking. One more thing I forgot to mention is to link to resource pages. Just do a google search for “resource page backlink sites” or “Sites with resources pages”

So when you have reached the stage in your blog or website to where the content is quality content, its time to create backlinks. Just follow the steps above. I would do this in order.

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website

Backlink Strategies and Methods

  • Create Skyscraper Content
  • Blog Commenting Submission Sites
  • Submit and Work With HARO
  • Press Release Strategy
  • Article Submission Directories
  • Submit to Article Sites Like and
  • Link Submission Directories
  • Other High DA Directories
  • Guest Blogging Strategy
  • High DA Websites
  • Broken Link Strategy
  • Forum Posting and Submitting
  • Submit to Document Sharing Sites
  • Link to List Posts
  • Link to Ultimate Guide Sites
  • Post in Q and A Sites
  • Participate in Link Roundups
  • Adding Infographics
  • Resource Page Links
  • Web 2.0 Account Creation and Submissions
  • Unlined Brand Mentions on a Competitor’s site
  • Link to Higher Domain Authority Pages

These are some of the main backlink building strategies that will help rank your blog at the top of Google. Remember it all starts with your quality of your blog and then the proper backlink strategies and techniques. These methods will help you create backlinks to rank your blog and website. Once you have a quality blog written, people wont have any problem whatsoever linking to your site.

How to Create Backlinks That Help Rank Your Blog and Website – Rinse and Repeat

In fact, the smartest way to build and earn backlinks to authoritative websites is to link directly to your online business. Here there is no low-value linking here and if you follow these steps you can build amazing backlinks. I love breaking down links-building methods and breaking down how they work to create one-way back links. After you have made your initial round of high domain authority backlinks, you find another site in your niche that is ranked higher and ask to backlink to them also. Most of them will say yes if you have quality content. You keep doing this until you have ranked at the top or as high as you can go. Then I will show you other sources for getting rankled at the top of the search engines.

Replicating competitor backlinks is one of the smartest ways to find new ways to connect and improve SEO. To identify the sites that are most likely to link to your site, search for websites that are a link to some of your competitors. Use Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker to enter 10 sites, including your own.

Backlink Tools

My favorite website as far as tools go is AHREFs. They have all the tools that you need. Here is the link to the keyword generator but you can also find all of the other tools on their page. Link is below.

AHREFs keyword generator and other tools

If you want to make your website SEO to get relevant organic traffic, you should build backlinks. To keep track of all backlinks on your site, I need to use a tool that monitors backlinks like Ahrefs Majestic. With Semrush, a backlink analysis tool, you will be able to identify resources and links from your competitors “websites. but I consider AHREFs the best of all tools.

Alexaas Competitor Backlink Checker provides a high quality backlink list and shows websites that link to your competitors. Use the backlink gap filter to show gaps between your site and competitors who receive links you don’t have. Click on a backlink to a web page to get the exact URL of the link to a competitor. 


Building backlinks to your blogs or links c an be very tedious work. But if you want to rank higher on Google and the other search engines, you will have to do these backlink methods. Remember, quality content written based on a low competition high traffic keyword already gets you started in the rankings. Then add the backlink methods and you can go all the way to the top of Google and the others.

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