Free Websites to Submit Your Link to and Get More Traffic and Backlinks

Submit Your Link to Free Websites for More Traffic and Backlinks

Submit Your Link to Free Websites for More Traffic and Backlinks

One of the best ways to get free traffic is by submitting your links to link directories, websites, Article directories and more. In this post you will learn how you can find free websites to submit your link to so that you can get more direct traffic and build backlinks at the same tine. There is a lot of free traffic that can come from these submission services. You can submit your article, website, blog or link to all of these submission sites. Just follow their guideline’s for doing so. Its up to you to sign up and start submitting your links.

 Submit Your Link to Free Websites for More Traffic and Backlinks

What is a High Domain Authority Submission Site

Basically, a high domain authority submission site is a site that is ranked higher and has enough quality on their site for Google to recognize them and give them a high DA authority rank. High domain authority sites are exactly where you want to build your backlinks with. The higher the DA score, the better it will be for the ranking of your site.

If you are looking for directory submission sites for increasing the visibility of your brand, then this blog answers the question of what is directory submission and provides you with the list of free high domain authority directory submission sites that help in getting the backlinks from different trusted resources.

If you get the backlinks from the article submission sites of High domain authority and Page Authority, then you can expect to get a good rank on the search engines including Google. Article Directory listings that have a high Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and a good Moz ranking can actually change the situation when it comes to rankings of your site on Google and other search engines.

Just go through the articles, make use of the following High Authority Backlinks Lists, and build links to your website in order to boost your website’s domain authority. There are a few High PR websites on these Do-Follow backlink site lists that will provide you with Do-Follow links. If you want to actually boost your website’s domain authority using a list of do-follow backlinks, you should first submit your website on a High Authority site.

Just go through the articles, make use of the following High Authority Backlinks Lists, and build links to your website in order to boost your website’s domain authority. There are a few High PR websites on these Do-Follow backlink site lists that will provide you with Do-Follow links. If you want to actually boost your website’s domain authority using a list of do-follow backlinks, you should first submit your website on a High Authority site.

If you have a newly built website and you are looking to promote it on the web, then you have to submit your website links to those High DA Backlink Site Lists. Getting links from these high-authority directories is a pretty simple task, and one of the easiest tricks for getting quality backlinks for your website. If you are not aware of how to get links from these web directories, then be sure read the rest of this blog post to see how you can get more high DA backlinks to your site.

 Submit Your Link to Free Websites for More Traffic and Backlinks

Link Submitting Directories

Directory sites have a variety of benefits, but the main ones are: It increases the domain’s authority, improve the SERP rankings, increase traffic, and diversifies your site’s link profile. Overall, building links to high-quality directory submission sites helps increase your website’s DA, which in turn, will improve the website’s search engine rankings and boost its keyword positions. Instead of linking to a website, you should be using that list in building quality links to your website. This can be a type of link-building backlink. When you submit your website URL you are creating free traffic and backlinks. Some directory submission sites require a small article with your link URL. There are a lot of online directories to choose from. Try to choose the ones with a higher DA rank. This will in return help your page rank.

When you submit a website link to the best link directory it will give your website the necessary online exposure. If the submission websites are taking advantage of the listing, chances are that your website will, too. When the search engines find out your Web Directory is an authoritative site, search engines list you higher on their lists. Basically, you do a search for “high DA link submission directories. Visit as many as you can and submit your link with a small quality article. The results of these will be directly targeted traffic and a high DA backlink back to your site which will help your site in the search rankings.

The proper directory websites will also pass authority on your site along with other positive search engine signals, which will increase your site’s search results ranking. When the right directory site adds a link from the home page of your website on its pages, it gives you targeted traffic for your site. As you have discovered, there are a lot of free directory websites that you can utilize for your links, and several other sites, Just visit the submission directories and follow the instructions on the page. Then site back and get real targeted traffic and a real backlink that will help your search engine page ranking.

When submitting to submission directories, fill out everything. When it’s time to add your small article make sure that you have some decent page SEO on the article. The article does not have to be long at all. When you finish the article, put your site link at the bottom of these articles as a resource. Make sure that your article link at the bottom of the article content has a hyperlink. In other words, it has to be clickable. This can be done by writing out the name of the link you are promoting and then use the link button to hyperlink the article. Some directory submission sites do not have the ability to hyperlink. In that case, just write in or paste in the site link URL. Make sure to give a small descriptive article with your site link exactly below the article content. The results by doing this on multiple submission directories will be a lot of targeted traffic and high DA backlinks. Good luck and enjoy.

Article Submission Directories

Article directories are some of the places to build high DA backlinks to your site. You are basically writing a short article with your site link at the bottom of the article content. Article submission directories require longer articles than directories do. Once you have written you article an put your link in the article then click submit. Once your article has been approved you will have once again generated direct traffic from your article and you have created a high DA backlink back to your site. Here is some more detailed information on article submission directories.

Article submission directories are essential for content promotion and ranking of websites in Google. With these sites, a person can obtain quality backlinks, one of the best SEO strategies. Submitting articles helps in getting high-quality backlinks for the site. When writing the article you include the link to your site at the bottom of the article content. Article submissions on article submission sites seem to be one of the best types of backlink sources and it generates direct targeted traffic to your site. It is not hard to find an article directory online. These types of submission websites are what create the best type of backlinks. Just do a google search for article directory submissions sites list. You can do this with blog submissions, websites, and other links. The search engine will see these backlinks and rank accordingly.

Content marketers can make great use of backlinks by adding Do-follow links to their blogs or websites in popular article submission sites. You can embed links from your blog or website into articles to receive Do-follow backlinks from Article Submission sites. Most Article Submission Sites allow you to add links directly to your Blog or Website in your article content. As stated previously, some article sites let you hyperlink your link in your article. In other article submission sites, you just have to put your regular link in it. This will still result in a backlink and traffic.

Article submissions may also be said to be part of content marketing, a method whereby you write articles related to your business, then can add it on popular article submission sites. If you write articles that have content related to your products or services, then you can promote your products indirectly, and you may also include a link back to your products or services. In the author’s bio box, remember to promote your blog by including a link to your products page to get more info about related articles that you submit. Article submission is an off-page SEO tactic involving writing quality articles and submitting them to a high-profile, third-party site.

One last time, choose multiple high DA article submission sites. Join each site and submit an article with your link at the bottom of the article content. Some places will tell you where to put your link so follow their policy and put the link wherever they want in the article. most article’s let you put your link right near the bottom of the content.

Free Online Classified Ad Submission Sites

Free online classified ad sites are a great source for promoting your sites or links. Online classified ad posting is one of the digital media, you can post about your business company details using the free classified ads posting sites. As you can see, the free classified ads posting sites are best for creating business advertisements and reaching out to the public. For posting your ads and services, the best thing is to search on Google using the search terms for finding free classified posting sites listed. Classified submission sites are a free source for posting your ads for advertising your business services and products on the web.

By posting local Classified ads to Classified Submission Sites, you increase exposure for your website or blog. Basically, all you do is follow their instructions for joining and posting your ad with your link. Once again, I would use a cheap $1 domain and forward it to the affiliate link. Don’t worry about that if you are using a website or a blog. If using an affiliate program, be sure to forward your domain name to the affiliate program. This is just a safer method. Your domain name provider will give you directions on how to forward a domain name to an affiliate link. If you already have a blog or website with affiliate links then that is no problem. 

There are literally thousands of online classified submission sites. Just imagine if you could submit your affiliate domain name, blog or website with all of them. Think of the exposure and traffic that it would bring. The best way that I do this method is doing a search for “free online classified submission sites for affiliate marketing” or “free classified submission sites for affiliate programs”. Trust me when I tell you that there are a bunch of them. Then just pick on, sign up and post your ad with your link and click submit. Lastly move on to the next classified ad submission site and do the same thing. Do this as many times as you wish.

Blog Commenting Submission Sites

Blog commenting on blog sites is one of the best ways to create high DA backlinks to your site and traffic from the people who are seeing your comments. Even though the direct traffic is good, this method is about creating a high DA backlink so you can rank higher and get more organic traffic. Here is some more information on blog commenting submission sites.

You will find that my using this method of using a top Do Follow blog commenting website to comment on will greatly benefit you in the form of a high DA do follow backlink. By using the Do Follow blog commenting sites listed below, you will strive for high-authority, traffic-generating do-follow backlinks. By commenting on these high DA do follow blog sites you are creating a high da do follow backlink for your site. Blog commenting is one of the best ways to get higher backlinks. I have included some of the best blog commenting submission blogs on here.

Blog Commenting is one of the most powerful methods if you are looking for a natural backlink that is approved by an administrator and it would last a lifetime, but first, you have to find the blogs which are related to your business, and then start submitting comments to those sites which are on your list. Blog commenting helps you build relationships with various bloggers, and in the future, you could request that they have guest posts also in their blogs with the link of Do-follow back to your blog or site.

Everyone needs a do-follow link back to their site or website pages, therefore, if you are commenting on blogs that are fast forgiving, then the posts will be something that you will want to be aware of. Assume that you want to extend your site and you want to get instant links from undisputed tier websites, at this time high DA blog comment sites may help you only in getting backlinks from high DA sites. The method is simple. Do a Google search for “high DA do follow blog comment submission sites” and you will get many results on how you can find these blog commenting sites. Generally, there is a comment box with your name, email address, and site link below the comment box. Fill out everything and create a backlink.

I am going to include a few websites on this list, to ensure others will benefit from these sites as well. Most reputable bloggers and site owners are looking out for gov blog commenting sites as these sites are highly valuable from a quality links perspective and they can bring in a lot of traffic that helps in increasing your websites ranking significantly. Always give descriptive blog comments when making your comment on these blog posts. This makes it a lot easier to approve your comment.

Link Submission Directory Sites List

page rank cafe



CashBlurbs (My Favorite)


yahoo answers



Article Submission Directory List


Article Factory

Go Articles

article alley

Article Seen


Classified Ad Submission Site List

US Free Ads


Classified Ads for Free









Sales Spider

Penny Saver


Top Classifieds


Blog Commenting Submission List


Yoast SEO Blog

Neil Patel Blog



Elegant Themes Blog

Niche Pursuits Blog

ThirstyAffiliates Blog

Small Business Trends











Now this is just a small list of sites for each category. But i can say with all honesty that if you use these sites the way their supposed to be used, it will work for you. You can start building backlinks right now just by using these sites listed above.

Thanks for Reading Submit Your Link to Free Websites for More Traffic and Backlinks

Check out this video about submitting your site to directories for more traffic.

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