top classified ad sites for affiliate marketing

Free Classified Ad Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Free classified ad sites can be a great source for affiliate marketing. Classified ads are also some of the most under used form of marketing and advertising. Millions of people look at classified ads online every single day so it would be a good idea and great strategy to post your affiliate marketing products there. It cant hurt anything because most of them are free.

Top Classified Ad Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Free Classified Ad Sites to Use For Affiliate Marketing

The free classified ad sites that do require payment in certain areas, will bring more exposure to your affiliate marketing by promoting your product in more strategic places on their website. Either way, paid or free classifieds for your affiliate marketing is a great way to get your link seen by a bunch of people.

Adding your offer to classified ad websites is simple, easy, and straightforward. While some free advertising sites are built for local businesses, you can actually reach out to more people outside your city. With the free ads services, you don’t need to spend much money for promoting your affiliate products or services. Here are the top classified ad sites that you can use for affiliate marketing.

The fact is that these free classified ad sites for affiliate marketing will really help bring exposure and traffic to your affiliate programs. All you have to do is sign up, follow the directions and submit your affiliate marketing link.

OLX is the world’s largest network of classified ads. Reportedly, around 300 million across the globe visit the site every month. OLX provides such interesting platforms for all kinds of users. You can use OLX to promote your affiliate products as well. The best thing is that OLX is free to use, although you need to pay for few bucks for unlocking some features. But posting an ad is completely free. It is a free ad listing website that offers a bunch of categories that you can select to advertise your website or blog for free. It is literally free to do anything such as posting an ad, browsing listings, contacting buyers or sellers, and so on.

Craigslist is the most prominent classified ads site in the world. Millions of people access this website to find products and services to purchase or sell.

You can also promote your affiliate products or services on Craigslist.

Craigslist comes with a bunch of categories and sub-categories. If you want to be more specific to target your audience, you can pick the sub-categories to get more exposure to the focus audience.

The categories are so diverse so that you might want to take some time to browse around and locate the sub-category that is suitable for your offer.

the only takeaway to consider is that Craigslist only allows you to post ads once per geographical area for every 48 hours. Posting ads are free for most categories except vehicles and furniture ads.

Classifieds for Free is a classified ad site that specializes in digital marketing. It is free to all members with upgrades to being exposure to your ad. They offer exposure to hundreds of thousands of people so they have a large reach and the have no problems with affiliate links.

Classified Ads is one of the oldest classified ad sites on the market that advertise just about anything including cars and real estates. Yes they do now allow you to promote your affiliate programs from their site. Make sure that your posts are professional looking.

The Free Ad Forum is one of the best classified ad sites to promote your affiliate programs. They are also considered one of the best. The Free Ad Forum mostly advertises business opportunities and affiliate programs. They have a very wide reach of millions of people. You can promote your own affiliate programs and you can even start your own classified site. Plus you can pay to get your ad listed higher and it does not cost much to do so.

With USA Free Classifieds you can post your ads all over the united states. Its as easy as starting an account and getting started. Make your ads look as professional as possible. Your ad will stay live for 90 days. Be sure not to spam your links. I would even recommend getting a cheap domain and having it forwarded to your affiliate link. You can use clickable images, clickable links, landing pages and anything else that sends people directly to your affiliate link. This is a great classified ad site for getting the right type of traffic to your affiliate link.


Free classified ads for affiliate marketing can be a great way to promote your affiliate marketing programs. The secrets to the success is to pick the right classified ads sites. Don’t choose one that is oversaturated with affiliate marketing ads. Look for free classifieds that have a major outreach around the United States and even the world.

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