a beginners guide to making money with affiliate marketing

A Beginners Guide to Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

This article is about A Beginners Guide to Making Money With Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online even if you are a beginner. Promote products and get paid. It really can be that simple. You have to be willing to take some risks to make money with affiliate marketing. Those risks are paid advertising but paid advertising is the number one method for making more affiliate sales. Compared to free traffic methods, paid ads will make you a ton of money

This is a beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. You can make steady pay or passive income as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a process where brands pay publishers (affiliates) commissions to promote their products and services. When talking about affiliate marketing, most people assume that it is the process of earning a commission for promoting the products of others or companies. By definition, affiliate marketing is a referral agreement whereby an online retailer (advertiser) pays you a commission when users buy their products through your referral link. Some marketing tips would include paid traffic and free traffic methods. You can even use social media as a way to promote affiliate products. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make a nice income online. So if you want to make real money online then affiliate marketing is where it is at.

Once you have chosen an affiliate marketing program, you are given a unique link, or code, which allows the company to track each customer that you refer their way. When the customer buys the product through your link, you will receive a commission. If it is on Amazon, you can promote that too by signing up for their Affiliate Program. You receive a special link allowing the retailer to keep track of the people who clicked on your link. If they purchase the product, you get a commission. You can even choose high commissioned products to promote. Once you have your affiliate link, it is best to forward a domain to the link. This can be done from inside your domain provider account. Or you can promote the straight link you are given. Some places will not take straight affiliate links hence the domain forwarding to the affiliate link.

A Beginners Guide to Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Your next step is finding an affiliate program, which takes you a step closer to finding a partner retailer that will stock the products you are promoting, and compensate you for your efforts. Once you decide on a niche, you will have to figure out what are the best affiliate marketing programs and products that you would like to promote. Once you decide on a niche, you want to pick at least one platform or channel that you are going to use for your affiliate marketing. Look for niches that have low competition but a medium to high traffic rate. These will be the best selling affiliate programs. If you are on Clickbank.com, check out the affiliate links by choosing the Gravity option in the filters section. This will give you the best selling affiliate programs.

One of the best ways to promote affiliate links outside of paid ads would be review blogging. Do a blog post review on each affiliate product that you are going to promote. Then keyword optimization and SEO optimizes your blog to help rank in the search engines. Get you some high domain authority backlinks by submitting articles with your link to article directories. You can even comment on blog posts and include your blog link. These methods create backlinks and help rank your review blow higher. Then promote your blog in all of the free places you can think of. Nothing will beat paid ads when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can either set up a landing page with your email provider attached and then connect your landing page to your affiliate product. Then send traffic to your landing page. You will build an email list while making affiliate sales. If your going to use the affiliate link itself, I recommend buying a $1 domain name and having your domain name forwarded to your affiliate link. It is safer this way. Then start sending paid traffic to your domain name along with free traffic methods. The best-paid ads come from Facebook ads, Google ads, Bidvertiser ads, ,Bing ads and Taboola. Keep in mind that the better the traffic the more money you will make.

If you liked this beginners guide to making money with affiliate marketing then check out the video below. This video is also about beginners making money with affiliate marketing.

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